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Get your pipes like new again

Hydro-jetting can effectively restore your clogged pipes cleanly and safely. We use a high-pressure water jet that penetrates to completely remove debris and corrosion from daily wear and tear.


By using hydro-jetting, the high-pressure cleaning process will restore your pipes like brand new. Your pipes and drains will flow smoothly again.


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Let us get your drains working again

When it comes to your drainpipes, you need to understand that they are a lot like arteries. They allow water supply to flow in

and out of your home. Unfortunately, over time, you can

experience a build-up of grease, soap, hair, and calcium which

can cause your pipes to capture water and compromise draining. This results in slow drains, clogs, and may even cause floods and plumbing overflows.


If you experience a clog in your sewer line, that can cause a plumbing emergency. Let the experts at Active Rooter® Plumbing & Drain Cleaning LLC  take care of all your problems and concerns.


- High-pressure water jets

- Safe and clean process

- Restores pipes

- Unclogs drains

- Removes debris

- Prevents flooding

- And more


“The service is great. They showed up fast and advised me with some issues. They fixed my drain. I was impressed with the service, and I will repeat. I would recommend them to friends and family.”

- A.M., Lorain, Ohio

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